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yoga from within
with Caroline Pick

Yoga from Within is a sensitive and active yoga for mind and body. London Yoga comes to us in countless forms and shapes these days, some more physical, even extremely strenuous, some with a focus on both the physical and the spiritual.

In classes of Yoga from Within the emphasis is on working in a creative and dynamic way with the body. The poses become the artistic expression of specific thoughts and feelings related to the deeper meaning of the poses. As we train our awareness in this way, our lives and relationships as well as our yoga poses begin to be transformed. (see yoga from within)

If you are interested in experiencing this approach to yoga and its integration into everyday life, there are regular weekly yoga classes in North London. Do drop in and try a class anytime. (see yoga classes)

yogapose plough yogapose fish
A quiet atmosphere for releasing tension in your body and calming your mind.

Caroline Pick

I aim to provide a calm atmosphere in the yoga-classes, where you can concentrate and work with your body in a creative and thoughtful way. I hope the insights you discover help strengthen you and bring more expansiveness, harmony and joy into your life.


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