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We can think of the consciousness as consisting of three main aspects: our ability to think, to feel and to act. In classes of Yoga from Within the body is seen as an instrument that expresses the consciousness and its capacity for developing new thoughts. Our work with the various poses during the yoga classes is dynamic and active. The thoughts accompanying this process enable a new sensitivity to grow that in turn opens us to the deeper understanding of the meaning of the physical poses.

Simple consciousness exercises are also practised in the yoga classes and these help develop our capacity to observe and expand our understanding of ourselves and others. We examine various aspects of nature, as well as the deeper meaning of spiritual writings. Gradually we learn to see more objectively, to concentrate more intensely and ultimately to meditate. Our thinking becomes more creative, our feelings richer and more sensitive, and our actions freer.

Yoga from Within is inspired by the work of Heinz Grill, Sri Aurobindo and Rudolf Steiner whose teachings present a deep understanding of the integral nature of spirit and life, in what can be called Integral Yoga. We practise in connection with these higher ideas and, as we also learn to integrate this understanding into our everyday life and relationships, we are transformed in our very nature. Yoga classes of this approach to yoga are both relaxing and energising, releasing the body from its tensions and freeing the mind from its everyday anxieties.

pose camel - ustrasana
yoga pose: the camel - ustrasana


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