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 Yoga Teacher Training Course 2012-2013

Registered by the International Yoga Federation and the European Yoga Alliance

Every year there is more and more demand for yoga teachers alongside an ever-increasing interest in learning yoga. In this third yoga teacher training course of Yoga from Within you will study a contemporary yoga, suitable for our present-day consciousness. The new course will start in January 2012 and take place over 13 weekends.

The teacher training course will enable you to teach yoga in a responsible and beneficial way, expanding the traditional understanding of hatha-yoga poses by training your way of thinking and and developing more sensitivity in your feelings. You will learn to teach in one- to-one sessions as well as in larger groups. You will become familiar with good corrections for the poses and be able to prepare your classes clearly in relation to your own teaching aims. You will be able to teach the physical exercises, and at the same time convey valuable ideas which nourish the inner life of your students and bring a beauty of expression into their poses.

The training is open to all yoga practitioners who want to teach yoga and/or study the deeper aspects of yoga. It is inspired by the integral approach to yoga of Heinz Grill, Rudolf Steiner and Sri Aurobindo. (see links)
The course certifies you with the European Yoga Alliance and the International Yoga Federation as a registered yoga teacher (200 hours of study) and both meets and exceeds the basic number of contact hours.

Introductory Workshop Saturday November 26th 2011.
Come and ask your questions about the course
before you register
(see workshops)

Content of the course
Dates and times

Content of the yoga teacher training course

You will learn basic and advanced asanas, how to teach and correct them, as well as how to prepare your yoga classes in a methodical way. The emphasis will be on understanding the consciousness as well as the body and on learning how the consciousness can be transformed through different aspects of yoga practice. During the yoga teacher training course the work will gradually help to develop more clarity in your thinking, more sensitivity in your feelings and a stronger sense of yourself.

You will become familiar with classical yoga philosophy and some of the fundamental yoga-texts like the Bhagavad Gita, the Upanishads, the Vedas and Patanjali’s Sutras. You will learn the general importance of spiritual texts and how they to read them in a particular way.

You will learn how yoga helps with relaxation and managing stress, with strengthening the spine, how wholefood nutrition supports a way of life with yoga. You will understand more about training and transforming the soul-forces of the thinking, the feeling and the will in the consciousness and about how yoga is a form of artistic expression. You will learn concentration and meditation exercises and deepen your understanding of the seven chakras and the subtle energy system. Two of the weekends will be devoted to anatomy and physiology, so that you will have a clear understanding of the main organs in the body and the nervous system, the cardio-vascular system, the digestive system and the muscular system.

You will be able to teach yoga to children and adolescents, and to pregnant women after the course, as there will be specialist training in these different kinds of yoga classes.

In a very practical way you will learn about setting up your own yoga classes, marketing and establishing yourself as a yoga teacher, within the law and with safe practice. There will be plenty of opportunity during the course for trial teaching of individual poses, as well as a short and a full-length yoga class.

It is important to make sure that you have time during the year for study, reading, asana practice and researching other forms of yoga. You will be expected to be really active in your participation in the course as well asto attend classes regularly in this approach to yoga!

(see detailed course outline for 2012-2013)

NB. New teachers need insurance cover and attendance at a one day First Aid course before starting to teach.

Dates and times

The yoga teacher-training course will take place over 13 weekends, the last weekend of every month, starting in January 2012. Each weekend consists of 16 hours study, including asana practice. The weekends take place from 10am until 6pm., Saturdays and Sundays in London.
(see course-outline).

Dates for 2012-2013:

January28th - 29th
February25th - 26th
March24th - 25th
April28th - 29th
May26th - 27th
June23rd - 24th
July21st - 22nd
August25th - 26th
September22nd - 23rd
October27th - 28th
November24th - 25th
January 2013TBC
February 2013   TBC

You are always welcome to deepen your studies further by attending seminars with Heinz Grill in his centre near Lake Garda. Information:


The yoga teacher training course costs £2700.
£500 is payable with registration. The remaining £2200 payable at the first weekend.
Essential books on the reading list will cost approximately £80


Please register by the end of November 2011. After registration you will receive further information and a reading list. The course is intended for a maximum of 12 participants and is intended both for would-be yoga teachers and for students who wish to deepen their practice, their knowledge of yoga and its philosophy. All participants need to have practised yoga consistently for at least one year and will attend regular classes.


The course is led by Caroline Pick. I have been teaching yoga in London for the last 17 years and as a result of the success of the first two courses am keen to develop more yoga teachers in this integral approach to yoga. (see Caroline Pick)


The teaching will take place again in the studio in Tufnell Park/ Kentish Town, London as well as the three possible weekends in Italy, which will take place in a beautiful location in the area north of Lake Garda.


For certification you need to have attended at least 90% of the weekends and taught a final public practice class. You also need to write a 4,000 word piece on a specific, agreed theme of yoga that you will have researched in depth. If preferred you can deliver this as a half hour talk or lecture. Your certificate will say "Yoga teacher as recognised by the European Yoga Alliance (basic 200 hour level)". Attending the course does not necessarily imply certification as a teacher. The quality of your teaching is the important factor!

If you have any queries please contact me for further information about the yoga teacher training course.

first correction in matsyendrasana
ardha matsyendrasana,
the spinal twist - first step

second correction in matsyendrasana
ardha matsyendrasana,
the spinal twist - second step

correction in the shoulderstand, sarvangasana
the shoulderstand - correction

going into the plough - first step
going into halasana, the plough (first step)

going into the plough - third step
going into halasana, the plough (second step)






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